Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fort Hood Commanding General Implements Strategic Withdrawal from Battle of Wits When He Starts to Lose

During a press conference late last night that was broadcast on our local CBS affiliate, KWTX News 10, Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley was asked a very relevant and poignant question by an unidentified reporter.  Now I don't have the transcript of what was said in front of me and I didn't record the event, but except for a few misplaced prepositions and verb tenses, the discussion went a little like this:

Reporter:  "In light of this most recent shooting, will there be any changes to Post policies in regard to soldiers being able to carry concealed weapons on Post so as to protect themselves from tragedies such as this?"

General:  "No, we will not be allowing soldiers to carry concealed weapons on Post.  We have enough well-trained law enforcement personnel to take care of problems like this."

Reporter:  "But it took law enforcement personnel 15 minutes to respond..."

What went unsaid was that this fifteen minutes was all the time the shooter needed to wreak all the carnage that he did.  General Milley, obviously sensing that he was tangling with a superior force that held the high ground of impregnable logic, decided to retreat to a safe base of operations outside the theater of combat.

General:  "I will not debate that issue - concealed weapons - with you!"

Yep, that settled the matter.

It is needless to say, (but I'll say it anyway for dramatic effect) that commanding officers, all the way up to the Commandeerin'-Thief who lied his way into the White House twice, do not really care about the lives or safety of those under their command, or that of their families.  These folks couldn't care or they would not hold the ranks that they do.  It goes with the military profession.

If you are a service member and you are worried about your safety, and since these folks are scared silly at the prospect of you being armed and ready to defend yourself if another such tragedy should present itself, then I suggest that you look into wearing body armor any and every where that you go.  You might also want to get some for your family members.

Of course, some commanders will suggest that wearing armor will have a deleterious effect on your uniform appearance so they will probably not allow this either.  But I've seen a lot of soldiers carrying backpacks throughout their daily treks around a military installation like Fort Hood and there are inserts for these packs that will provide some protection.  It won't be much, but it will be more than the poor folks had with them yesterday.

When it comes to individual survival, it requires individual decisions and individual actions.  If you depend on someone else to protect you, they will always let you down at the worst moment, and after that moment, there is very little you can do to get even with them...

Author's Addendum 04.04.2014:  Late last night I found this article at that has a short video of some of the Press Conference.  As you can see, my memory wasn't that far off base...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pretending to Measure the Immeasurable in order to keep the Unseen from being Seen

There is a big push going on by Big Labor and advocates for the "Working Poor" (sic) to raise the U.S. Minimum Wage to $15.00 per hour.  I think they are aiming that high in order to make President Obama's target of $10.00 per hour appear to be more reasonable in comparison.  Proponents for this increase are trotting out the tired, old tearjerkers - "No one can support a family on slave wages!" - once again and, if anything else but ignorant, they are at least consistent.

Some of them have dug up a new weapon to use against fiscal-conservatives, free-marketeers, and libertarians like myself, to refute the logical economic argument that artificially increasing the cost of labor will result in less labor being purchased or employed.  They like to refer to studies completed and compiled by the Economics Department at the University of Chicago that supposedly show that there has rarely been an increase in unemployment after a new increase has been made to the country's minimum wage.

I've covered before how price floors cause surpluses in the product whose price is being supported (a surplus in labor is measured as involuntary unemployment) and such floors for labor usually harm most those that advocates for such floors purport to be helping.  Now dismissing the possibility, if not the high probability, that the government statistics used in these reviews and surveys are heavily manipulated for political reasons (No, no, say it isn't so!) let us shine a little light on that which, as Frederic Bastiat referred to it, is Unseen that they are trying to hide with that which they think is Seen.

First off, there is usually a large amount of lead time from the point that the government decrees that there will be a raise in the minimum wage and when it actually goes into effect.  During this time period is when businesses begin to trim the fat by firings, lay-offs, and natural attrition.  If measured properly as the employment participation rate (how many working-age Americans are actually working) this will show an increase in unemployment.  Government figures might actually show this, but the figure will stabilize long before the actual increase kicks in.

Let's say the government has measured the unemployment rate at 7% when the new law is passed.  As the date approaches, the unemployment rate climbs to 10% and stays there for a few months.  Then the new rate goes into effect and the next month unemployment is announced to have gone down to 9.8%.  The proponents of the increase will shout from the rooftops that this is proof of their position that the minimum wage does not cause higher unemployment though they are only measuring the amount of the unemployed that are seeking new employment after the new rate goes into effect and not those lost their employment beforehand.

Secondly, though those who are currently employed might keep their jobs, mostly because the majority of them are already working for a wage above the minimum, there are those who are coming up after them that will not be hired because of the prohibitive costs of purchasing labor.  As the economic law of supply and demand shows, if one artificially raises the cost of something, there will be less demand for that commodity.  Though someone is not necessarily "disemployed" (fired, laid off, or mandatory retirement) because of the wage increase, there will be someone who is not hired because of it and, though a logical certainty, that situation cannot be measured in any way because it is a non-event.  Though non-events, by definition, cannot be measured, able-bodied persons of an employable age that are not members of the country's work force can be measured in the employment participation rate and those figures are at their lowest point in thirty five years.

And there are plenty of studies that refute the findings of the Chicago studies, so it appears the myth that needs busting is the one that the proponents of a higher minimum wage are pushing.  Interesting that these folks who claim to be wanting to help the little people never call for an equal increase, by percentage, for those poor folks on fixed incomes coming from government "entitlements" or retirement contracts.  Imagine an increase between 38% ($10.00 minimum wage) to 107% ($15.00 minimum wage) for Social Security recipients, government retirees, and disabled veterans.  Even they must realize that if the government must pay more, then it must steal more first and nobody wants that, or so we like to think.

One of the newest tactics I've seen these people employ (all puns intentional) when asked that old stand-by, fiscal-conservative counter-position question - "Why not raise the minimum wage to $20.00, or even $50.00, or $100?" - they respond by ridiculing the questioning party and refer to the question itself as absurd.  Just to make sure we're all on the same page, the answer as to why they don't create that much of a jump in the minimum wage is that the damage to the economy, like tiny cracks in a window that can only be seen when the light hits them just right, must be kept to a minimum so people aren't able to notice what carnage is being wreaked upon the labor force to wreck the economy.  If the minimum wage was raised to these supposedly "absurd" levels, then the damage would be so great that even a blind man could hear the destruction as the window and its frame are torn from the wall in which they were set...

Monday, December 23, 2013

My List of Dire Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

One of my most popular articles from 2012 was "My List of Dire Predictions for 2013 and Beyond."  Even I was surprised how some of them were almost fulfilled in one fashion or another (hey, I'm not perfect).  Now I am most assuredly not "blessed" with some "gift" of prophecy, but if I can observe where a gun barrel is pointed and how the front and rear sights are aligned, I can make a pretty good guess as to where a bullet fired from that gun will strike.  With that in mind, let me give you my new list of dire predictions for 2014 and beyond.

1.)  Inflation, measured both as the ratio between the unlimited amount of U.S. currency in circulation and the limited amount of goods and services in the U.S. economy, and the increase in prices of consumer goods purchased by the average American household, will continue to take flight into the stratosphere.  Our benevolent government officials will continue to mismeasure any statistics that might measure this phenomena in order to distract the American people from realizing that it is government programs and policies that are causing the problem.

2.)  More and more Americans will wake up to the realization that the "War on Poverty" is a total failure since if you pay people to be poor, people will strive to remain poor, and more people will want to be poor in order to earn "free money" (and free food, and free medical care, and free phones, etc., etc.).

3.)  Unemployment, measured both as the number of Americans who want to work but can't find gainful employment and the number of Americans who can work but don't want to, will continue to rise.  Our benevolent government officials will continue to obfuscate, obscure, and "oblivionate" any signs of these worsening conditions in order to fool the American people into believing that the problem is a natural occurrence and not the result of government interference in the labor market through minimum wage laws, "fair" labor laws, anti-discrimination laws, and equal-pay laws.

4.)  The whiny, effeminate man-child (formerly known as a dandy, sissy, or faggot) will continue to replace the doltish dunderhead as the leading male roles on American television programs (except for fathers, who will continue to be portrayed as doltish, yet doting, dunderheads if they have teenage children).  Any males displaying the vestiges of traditional manliness will be portrayed as racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and conservative Neo-Nazis, Neo-Confederates, or Neolithic cavemen with anger management issues.  Of course, this pogrom to further emasculate the American male can be traced back to Fascist feminists who are themselves phallophobic and misophallic.

5.)  The "War on Guns," like the wars on smoking and drunk driving before it, will become more of a local issue, not so much as encompassing new laws meant to disarm the American people, but through the application of already existing laws in new, interesting, and un-Constitutional ways so as to have the same effect.

6.)  The "War on Private Property" will continue unabated as more things that are prohibited in public places will be prohibited on portions of private property that can readily be observed by persons (particularly law enforcement personnel) standing on public property.  There will be a rush by homeowners to build taller privacy fences, but many people will be disappointed when they find that many cities already have ordinances limiting the height and locations where privacy fences can be installed.  Many people will also be disappointed to find that privacy fences are useless when their local police department and/or code enforcement officers have hovering drones that can be used to spy on them in order to find code violations that the property owners didn't realize they were committing.

7.)  The law enforcement heroes portrayed in many popular television series and movies will become more aggressive in their fight to control, and beat the living daylights out of, the independent outlaw community in ways that are both criminal and un-Constitutional.  Steve McGarrett and his dedicated defenders of law, order, and public decency will continue to punch, kick, and occasionally murder any suspects that backtalk them in a disrespectful manner.  Jethro Leroy Gibbs and crew will continue to convince defendants guilty of petty offenses to give up their rights to remain silent and to have the assistance of an attorney with one magic word - "Guantanamo."  Many viewers of this form of self-righteous vengeance on the part of these brutish peace officers will consider these acts of violence and civil rights violations as necessary "to get the job done."  Some other people will awaken to the fact that this form of programming is meant to soften the will of Americans when it comes to resisting an actual totalitarian police state.

8.)  As the pogrom of the public school system to ensure that America does NOT have an educated populace becomes more readily apparent, more parents will start doing the job of teaching their own children by themselves through homeschooling.  As this movement gains momentum, our benevolent government officials will be compelled (or coerced by professional educators' unions) to step in and control it.  While the socialistic philosophy that children belong to society, and subsequently the state, more than they do to their parents or families permeates the country, expect to see more court decisions and laws passed to oppress parents in their right to see that their children receive a quality education.  This will all be done in the name of insuring that "no child is left behind."

9.)  Expect book-burning, both literally, virtually, and figuratively, to come back in vogue.  Any volume, pamphlet, or document of the written word that contains a term, phrase, or passage that offends, alarms, or otherwise upsets the delicate and distended digestive tract of the most sensitive dipstick anywhere at anytime - the Bible, Torah, or Qu'ran, Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Dick and Jane, etc. - must be plucked from common discourse and shoved down an Orwellian "memory hole."  Any person quoting from these banned works will be persecuted, if not prosecuted, by the social stewards of political correctness, judged and defamed in the court of public opinion by those willing to perjure themselves, and then censored and banished to a level of Dante's Inferno reserved for such "social misfits and miscreants."

10.)  The march to another world war will continue as old cold wars are revived and current cold wars heat up all in the course of official U.S. government foreign policy.  Don't expect any peace-loving messiah figure to rise from the endless sea of politics as "war is the health of the state" and any politician stating that he is for peaceful noninterventionism is either lying or will soon be drummed out of politics.  I don't expect ICBM's to be falling from the skies in 2014, but I do want people  to start looking at the evidence that it is being planned at the same time it is being covered with a facade of peace deals and treaties.  Like the outer band disturbances of a hurricane still far out at sea, we can see the warning signs and prepare for the horrific bad times to come.

That's the dime's worth I could think of for this coming year.  Please feel free to add any that you think might occur.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and, as always, live free and in peace...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Short Quiz on the "Pledge of Allegiance"

There has been a lot of talk lately in certain social circles and legislative bodies, including here in the Republic, that the laws mandating schoolchildren to recite the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance every day that they attend their local public schools should be better enforced than they currently are now.  The most outspoken voices come from military veterans.  That stalwart group of men and women who, carrying the most modern of weaponry, marched to war to oppress foreign peoples to protect Americans when Americans choose to exercise their natural right to live free, now believe that forcing young people to recite an oath of loyalty to the U.S. government, before these young people have the chance to reach a stage of emotional and intellectual maturity at which point they could decide for themselves to do so or not, is the patriotic thing to do.

Well, is it?  I have a small quiz here for folks that might be straddling the fence on this issue.  It will only take a few minutes to complete:

1.  Francis Bellamy, the author of the seminal piece of prose that would become the P.O.A., wrote his particular loyalty oath for children to promote what form of government?

2.  The first persons to challenge laws mandating recital of the P.O.A. on First Amendment grounds that those laws forced them to violate their religious convictions were:

  (A)  Atheists/Agnostics

  (B)  Muslims

  (C)  Jews

  (D)  Christians

3.  The original hand salute that was proscribed by Mr. Bellamy to accompany the "Pledge of Allegiance" was:

  (A)  The right hand over the heart just like today

  (B)  The right hand at the forehead like a military salute

  (C)  The right hand pointed up with palm forward like when one swears an oath in a court of law

Now I'm not going to give you the answers for this quiz, but will instead leave it for you to do your own research on the subject (I have provided a few links to get you started).  But if you are one of those liberty-loving Americans who thinks that forcing young people to swear to something before they have a chance to reach adulthood is the patriotic thing to do for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way," then you just might find reality to be a bit (D)-pressing...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Try to Remember the Kind of September..."

I remember reading way back when about a survey that found that most of the respondents consider the season that follows the one they were born in as their favorite of the year.  This even applied to people who weren't sure what season it was in which they were born.  Now this aptly applies to me since as a "babe of summer" my favorite season is autumn.

With the first of September, we have now entered into that third of the year that I like the most.  Some folks refer to these months as the "Ber's" because of the last three letters in each of their names - Septem-ber, Octo-ber, Novem-ber, and Decem-ber - and because the weather begins to become cooler leading a lot of people to exclaim in a shivering fit, "Bur-r-r!"  To me it just means more fun.

Even when I was a youngster and September meant going back to school (an undeserved punishment I considered worse than death) I found I could tolerate my teachers attempts to squelch my natural curiosity a little more now than at other times of the year.  These four months have all the really neat holidays and special events that I would look forward to, and some of my teachers would actually try to teach lessons based on the themes of these unique times.

September has Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer, my least favorite season), the NFL, and the new fall schedule on television.  October has Fire Prevention Week, Columbus Day, Homecomings, and, of course, Halloween.  November has Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving, which is the kick-off point for that whole season of hype leading up to Christmas and New Year's Eve in December.

Many people refer to the first of September (or the day after Labor Day) as the beginning of autumn but that doesn't officially happen till the Autumnal Equinox around the 22nd.  And many others refer to autumn as the "Fall," but these are actually two different things.  The "Fall" is the name for the annual color-changing aspect of the leaves of deciduous trees that eventually detach and - wait for it - fall.  In the more northern and cooler regions of America, like where I spent my formative years (that time between one and seven years of age where we first start to form our first theories on how the world works), the Fall is nearly simultaneous with the equinox, but in places like Texas, the Fall doesn't begin in earnest till late October/early November.

Probably the main reason that I had such a problem with the tropical places that my family lived while I was growing up was because there was no changing of the seasons, particularly without anything resembling autumn.  And if one has seasonal allergies associated with summer, guess when you suffer from them when you live in a place where it is summer all year round?  If you answered with anything that is near "24/7/365," then you may move yourself to the head of the class.

This September is turning out to be a little different.  We are being inundated with reports of "wars and rumors of wars."  The usual gang of suspects are touting out the old excuses for going to war, once again, against an "enemy" that has caused no harm to America or the American people, once again.  With the economy in shambles, the unemployment rate going through the roof, discontent with the government at all time high, and the American people preparing to war with each other, our benevolent government officials have created another target for "We the People" to vent our anger upon.

But I will not let these reports dampen my spirit for I have learned to plan, and prepare, for tomorrow, but to live for today.  I have learned to control that which I can and to adjust to those actions of others that I cannot.  These sinister people are going to do some miserably stupid things, but we shouldn't allow that to make us miserable.  Do what you peacefully and honestly can where you are to make life better for you and yours, and then out of your surplus, strive to help others do the same.  If we all implement this program, we all might make it through this "Winter of Our Discontent..."  

Remember, September is "National Preparedness Month!"

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eric Holder Declares War (Again) on Texas

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the waters of post-racial America, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has taken a moment out of his busy schedule of harassing criminal defendants that have been found "not guilty" and disparaging the American people for trying to exercise their Natural Right to use force to defend their persons, families, and property, to begin legal proceedings to drag the southern States back into the Era of Reconstruction by declaring another war on the State government of Texas.

The ironic point of such an attempt is that the SCOTUS recently decided that Reconstruction (alternately known as the "1965 Voting Rights Act") was a government program whose day had passed and was in serious need of some pruning of the dead wood within it.  Mr. Holder, and his boss, who is not "America's First Black President" but who seems to be channeling America's first fascist dictator, have disagreed with this decision, as they often do with any decision where the federal government must concede some power to the States or to the People.  Both have decided to file this test case as another end run around the Tenth Amendment.

The situation is laughable in that Mr. Holder complains that the duly elected officials in the Statehouse of Texas, being of a different racial make-up, political ideology, and party affiliation than Mr. Holder, have gerrymandered the voting districts and manipulated the laws pertaining to elections so as to maintain their hold over the power to write the laws.  What Mr. Holder wants to do is to wield the federal Sword of Caesar, or maybe a White Sox baseball bat, to force the State of Texas to have elections where persons of similar racial make-up, political ideology, and party affiliation to Mr. Holder can take the power to write the laws for themselves.

Even though persons like Mr. Holder are employed in the federal bureaucracy at a very high rate disproportionate to their share of the general population of the United States, it seems that he and his boss will not settle for anything less than hiring quotas for those representatives of the people elected to hold office in the various legislatures of the several States and Commonwealths (this was what Lincoln did to Maryland).  Of course, they might have something more sinister up their collective sleeves.

The hypocrisy of this becomes more evident when one realizes that there is no Natural Right to vote to interfere in the affairs of others nor is there any such thing as a fair election in this country anymore.  That they are taking this step only proves the point.  For a group of people who campaign on a message of "Progressive-ly" moving "Forward" into the future, they seem to spend an awful lot of time reliving the past, and sometimes, a past that didn't really happen the way they appear to think it did.

One has to wonder if they remember that Texas was voted by its college classmates as "Most Likely to Secede."  When no one is listening to what you have to say, then it's time to walk away from the conversation...

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Stand Your Ground," "Make My Day," and the "Castle Doctrine" versus the "Duty to Retreat"

Imagine for a moment that you are in an unfamiliar part of a large city you have had an occasion to visit.  It could be unfamiliar because you have never been here before or, when you have, it was daylight and right now it is after sunset.  You are walking up and down the street with one recurring thought running through your anxious mind, "Where the heck did I park my car?!?"  To add insult to injury, it begins to rain.

You've noticed a real creep following you and "following" just might be too polite a term at this point since his actions have now caused you to believe he is stalking you.  If you can only get to your car and drive away, everything will be fine.  Then you see it.  It's your car but it's not responding with a beep when you push the button on the fob.

As you get closer, you notice why it isn't working.  This isn't your car.  It's the same make and model but a slightly different color than yours, which you might have noticed if it wasn't for the lousy lighting coming from the street lamps.  You turn to scan your surroundings and you can't find that creep.  "Maybe he went home to watch 'America's Got Talent' - which I'm missing!" you think to yourself.

You try the fob once more and hear the beep and see the flash of the parking lights coming from your car at the other end of the block.  "That's where you've been hiding," you mutter under your breath as you walk towards your quick ride out of here.  Then...


The most intense pain you have ever felt begins to ache from the right side of your head.  While you continue to stagger in the direction of your car, you turn to see what caused your injury.  It's that creep and he has a billy club.  "What is your problem, dude?!?" you yell.

He keeps coming at you and tries another swing which you avoid by ducking (all that practice playing dodgeball in 6th grade P.E. is beginning to finally pay off).  You start running towards your car, pressing the button so your door will be unlocked when you get there, but, looking at the fob instead of where you are going, you trip over breaks in the sidewalk.  The creep swings again and strikes you across your upper back.  You regain your footing only to fall backwards into a nearby wall.  Using it to steady yourself, you brace for impact as the creep now comes at you swinging his club at your head again.  Then...

BANG!!!  BANG!!!

Your ears are ringing from the sound of gunfire.  The creep is staggering back, clutching his abdomen after dropping the club he had in his hand, and then falls to the ground, mortally wounded by two rounds from your concealed handgun.  Your training has paid off in that you drew and fired your weapon without hardly thinking about the process.

Your heart is racing.  Your head is throbbing.  Your ears are nearly useless at this point.  Your legs feel like wet noodles and give out, letting you slide down the wall to end up sitting on the sidewalk.  You're scared and confused and not really sure what you should do next, but what you were taught as far back as Kindergarten kicks in like instinct and you reach into your coat pocket and retrieve your cell phone and then do something you might regret the rest of your life:  You dial 911 and tell the authorities what you have done...

Attorney General Eric Holder has called for the repeal, if not the federal elimination, of State laws that provide protections and immunities for people who have had to use physical force, up to and including deadly force, to protect themselves and others.  He says that such laws fix a problem that did not exist.  Or did it?  Let's return to our thought experiment once again...

A few days later, in a nice cushy, warm, and dry law office with all the modern amenities that the citizens' tax dollars can buy, sits an Assistant District Attorney reading the police report about what happened to you while sipping his second morning cup of coffee.  He calls the District Attorney's secretary to see if he's in his office and then walks over.

"Boss?  Can I see you a moment?"

"Sure, come on in.  What do you need?"

"I've been reading the police report on that shooting over in the business district and I think I can get the shooter for Murder Two or, at least, Three."

"You don't think that was self-defense?  I mean the police found the club near the victim and the shooter had a head wound consistent with being struck with it."

"Yeah, there's that, but I don't think he tried hard enough to get away.  His own car was about 40 feet away and he could have ran to it.  That large shopping mall where the city has that police substation is just two blocks away and he could have walked over there.  He just didn't do enough to satisfy his "duty to retreat" before using deadly force."

" have a point there."

"Yep, and chief, remember you ran on that "law and order" platform.  We can't have these gun-toting NRA yahoos taking the law into their own hands and turning this city into something from the 'Wild' West."

"And you have another point there, too.  Okay, run with it..."

And therein lies the problem that Mr. Holder refuses to recognize.  "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" sitting safe and comfortable in their padded armchairs, with all the time in the world, analyzing all the options available to a person who has been forced, with very little time or information, under the most stressful conditions he has ever suffered in his life, to take the life of another human being in order to save his own.  Then, based more on political ideology rather than any sense of justice, prosecuting this person to beyond the full extent of the law in order to set an example for others to not do the same.

The American people became fed up with this and exercised their 1st Amendment right to "petition the government for a redress of grievances" and demanded that their elected representatives (if they wished to remain "elected") at the State level to codify the "Castle Doctrine" and provide legal affirmative defenses to prosecution and civil immunities for those who have had to use force to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

"Make My Day Laws" first provided legal protection for people in their homes which was later extended to any real property, business or agricultural, that they might own.  As time went by, people were protected if they were in their own automobiles or other private forms of transportation.  Eventually, "Stand Your Ground Laws" allowed people to defend themselves anywhere they had a legal right to be.  Since these laws have come into effect, violent crime in America, measured as a ratio between the number of incidents and the size of the population, has gone down.

Attorney General Holder, and the racist militants that back him, would do away with all of these and send us back to the times when honest, law-abiding citizens had to cower in terror and run and hide from dangerous outlaws, waiting for the local constabulary to handle the problem, if it was convenient and politically expedient.

They could have an ulterior, and more sinister, motive for all this since, at the time of this writing, there are groups of Black people committing violent crimes against non-Black people as a form of protesting their assumption that non-Black people actually believe the racial stereotype that all Black people like to commit violent crimes.  The irony of the whole thing would be laughable except for the seriousness of the situation.

As for me and my house, we will continue to live by that old adage "that it is better to be judged by twelve than carried out by six" since that means we still have a life.  These laws, that others want to get rid of for whatever purpose it might serve them, is what makes it easier to live it since the criminals will live in fear of me and not the other way around...