Friday, June 12, 2009

Loyalty Oaths

aise your right hand and repeat after me:

"I swear an oath of loyalty and obedience to the National Government of my homeland. What it says is the Truth I will believe without question. What it says is the Law I will comply without hesitation. I will openly engage in acts of obeisance of its venerated icons and will protect them from disgrace with a fervor bordering on religious fanaticism.

"Though all the citizens of my Homeland are from diverse ethnic origins we are bound by an Eternal Compact that does not require our consent to bind us. Talk of dissolution will be considered Treason. Attempts to break free will be quashed by overwhelming Military Force.

"Though all faiths are publicly tolerated only One is openly endorsed by the National Government and will continue to be so long as its ministers preach that service for the State is equal or more Righteous than service to one's neighbors.

"I live with my fellow citizens believing the Grand Illusion that we control our own destinies and we pray earnestly to be treated fairly by the National Government that actually does."

Did y'all say it? Why not? Oh, did it sound a little totalitarian for you? Communists, Socialists, and Nazis like the people they govern to recite loyalty oaths often and repeatedly. If people repeat a mantra long enough they begin to believe what they are being forced to say. If they don't then they begin to suffer a psychological malady called cognitive dissonance; the mind can't get along with what the mouth is saying so the mind starts to go along just to get along instead of going insane.

These government control-freaks like to start with the young. If children recite these "oaths" from when they are little then these oaths become the norm and refusing to recite them becomes the abnormal. When the children are grown into adulthood they might even react violently when someone comes along and suggests that they shouldn't have been taking these oaths all their lives. They will consider the aberrant individual refusing to recite the oath as being anti-social and unpatriotic. In a totalitarian regime this belief may be very true but in a Liberty-based society like we have here in America the unpatriotic one is the one who would recite such an oath to an oppressive government.

You say you wouldn't allow your children to be forced to recite such an oath? I hate to burst your bubble but you and your children may have been reciting such an oath written by a socialist for quite some time now. I want everyone to get a copy of "The Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag" and a dictionary and start looking up some of the definitions of the terms used in the "Pledge." With a little license for dramatic purposes I have written the "Pledge" right up there at the top of this page. The original salute was not the hand over the heart but the hand extended forward in what used to be called the "Roman Salute." Since World War II most Americans know this hand gesture as the "Nazi Salute." Socialists and communists may argue amongst themselves but in their heart of hearts they are all little dictators...

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