Thursday, February 14, 2013

President Obama Leads Mob to Hang Young Black Males Out to Dry

There is much to human history about the actions of mobs.  They have wreaked all forms of destruction and wrecked many lives with their acts of violence.  It is an interest of psychological inquiry as to why a crowd of 30 or more individuals (and some people question why we need high-capacity magazines) would cause so much bloodshed engaging in behaviors that so many of them would be too cowardly to do on their own.

The worst of these had to be the "lynch mob."  A quickly formed group of enraged citizens would join together in "righteous indignation" and work to rid their city, town, or neighborhood of criminals and other social undesirables by grabbing the nearest "not-one-of-us" and hanging that poor soul by the neck until dead.  A lot of these innocent folks were young Black males that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

President Obama now calls upon the "mob" in Washington to inflict even more damage on America's frail economy by raising the Federal Minimum Wage from its current $7.25 per hour to $9.00.  I have already explained how "price floors," such as a minimum wage laws, cause an unsold surplus for the commodity that they apply to and, if the commodity is labor, then what we are talking about is unemployment.  Professors of Economics, Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell, have explained time and again how such laws adversely affect those on the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder in America and that is most commonly Young Black Males (YBM), with an unemployment rate generally hovering around 50%.

Long before this blog, I once wrote a paper suggesting one way to reduce this high rate was to allow Black entrepreneurs and small business owners to hire YBM's at a wage less than that mandated by the Federal Minimum Wage Law.  In exchange for the lower wage, the YBM would receive on-the-job training and work experience from a mentor/employer that they might more readily identify with on a social level.

I was immediately lambasted for suggesting that YBM's were worth less than young males from other races and labeled a racist bigot.  I had made no such suggestion and I did agree that such a law would be racist, but only a detriment to those young males from other races who would now suffer a higher unemployment rate than the YBM's.  Of course, this was not the first time in my life that I had been the victim of slander, libel, or perjury.

As a person who prefers to deal with reality as it presents itself to me, I have to ask the pointed question:  Which is more damaging to a young person's life, to have someone suggest that the labor of a young person with no job training or work experience is worth less than some arbitrary value assigned to his labor by our benevolent government officials, or to implement a government program that will doom the young person to a life without gainful employment and quite possibly drive them to a life of crime, an option that is known to significantly shorten one's lifespan?

President Obama claims to be the friend of the low and downtrodden in this country, but as his programs prove to be more damaging to this nation's economy, which in turn will affect those at the bottom more adversely than everyone else, we will all see that "with friends like him, we don't need any enemies..."

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  1. Excellent Logic! Another "governmental rule" that creates drastic and detrimental results for the group of people that Mr. Obama claims he wants to help.
    A prior example was "Cash For Clunkers" which forced poor people to pay more than $4,500 for old used cars... ones that previously could be bought for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The program made the poor even poorer! (The "real poor" cannot afford "new car payments!" The people that can afford new car payments don't drive "clunkers." The majority of the cars that were being "traded-in" still had a lot of useful life left in them, but it was a "program requirement" that they be destroyed beyond repair. Even "used parts prices" at the junk yards were forced up by "Cash For Clunkers"... at the expense of the poor.) The poor have always benefited from the generous "hand-me downs of the rich" going all the way back to "Old Testament times"... {ie: leaving some grain for the gleaners}. Yes, I know that "Cash For Clunkers" was to motivate the public to buy new cars from GM so that "Washington would appear brilliant" regarding their "bail-outs for the auto manufacturers"... but the program really did HURT The POOR! (As a former used car dealer and salvage yard owner, I know this as a fact!)
    Raising the minimum wage will increase unemployment of the poor by forcing under-educated/inexperienced workers to compete for jobs with the masses of unemployed college graduates... who are pressured by student loan debt to "take any job available!"
    Is Barack Obama the incompetent short-sighted BOZO that he projects himself to be... or is he just following orders from the NWO/PTB to foment chaos, confusion and civil unrest thus creating an excuse to "crack-down" and implement "Marshall Law" pushing us into the final stage of the "One-World Government/Police State?" I am inclined to believe that this is another "mass-deceit bigger-purpose" Dictatorial Directive to further enslave us!